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Safety Measures

The well-being and safety of everyone is a top priority for the Onyria group. Therefore, we have made adjustments to the hotel services/facilities, and implemented new safety and hygienic practices, that you can read below. We assure our clients that we are enforcing and acting according to these measures, and we are committed to control that rules are complied, to be up to what we most value, our clients trust.


  • The use of mask is recommended within interior spaces and compulsory to access the restaurants
  • We have an isolated room in case any guest or member of the staff demonstrates any symptom of fever, breathing difficulty, coughing or sore throat


  • We will collect as much information as we can about our guests during the reservation process
  • Every check-in formality that it is possible to be conducted online, by telephone or e-mail, will be conducted that way
  • Our staff is trained to provide our guests with all the safety instructions, as well as the safety equipment whenever necessary
  • On our reception counter we have installed an acrylic barrier to reduce person-to-person contact, as well as distance marks on the floor to assure the social distance rules
  • The front office team is required to use individual protection equipment such as masks during their duties, and encouraged to apply alcohol-based disinfectant on a regular basis
  • All working tools are disinfected on a regular basis


  • Alcohol dispensers are available across all service areas
  • To ensure the safety distance we have defined a limit of people allowed at a time in the elevators, which are regularly disinfected
  • To reinforce our cleaning process, we have changed our regular vacuum cleaners for water filtration vacuum cleaners, that retain the dust particles
  • All the common areas, such as the lobby, elevators, corridors, stairwells, restaurants, bar, etc, are cleaned with proper chemicals on a regular and controlled basis
  • We reinforced our cleaning process, and added and rigorous method of surface disinfection, for which are used proper chemicals to disinfect
  • Further cleaning instructions can be given by our staff at any moment during your stay
  • Your room is cleaned and disinfected, you will find a sign on your door that seals all entrances and indicates your room is ready
  • All the Housekeeping staff is required to use individual protection equipment such as masks, gloves during their duties
  • Laundry and Room Service procedures are available in the guest rooms accordingly to the Hotel safety procedures


  • The number of tables and seats has been reduced
  • The entire team is required to use masks during their duties
  • All staff members whose duties include handling food, are trained to prepare and serve according to our safety and hygiene practices
  • Alcohol dispensers are available at the restaurants and Bar


  • All employees are required to check their temperatures at the staff entry, as well as wash their hands
  • All the staff uniform garments are changed and washed everyday
  • All employees are trained about COVID-19 symptoms, and are required to use the individual protection equipment during their duties. This equipment might be or not disposable and should be discarded accordingly
  • All the Onyria suppliers are informed of our safety practices and are aware that deliveries will only be accepted if the driver and reaming carriers are using masks, gloves and accept to check their temperatures upon arrival to the dock
  • All the supplies received are disinfected before being stored
  • The social distance rules and hygiene practices apply to all staff areas across the Resort
The Onyria Quinta da Marinha Golf is open and available for all club members, members guests and non club members.
The access to the golf course requires a tee time pre-reservation, either online or by telephone. (payment is required during the reservation process). To access the Golf facilities, the players should follow the requirements bellow:
  • Not being on quarantine
  • Do not show any symptoms of the Coronavirus


  • It is compulsory to provide phone number and e-mail upon the reservation
  • The junior players must be accompanied by an adult
  • Social distance rules must be respected at all times
  • Upon arrival, players should go straight to the reception to proceed to the check-in


  • It is compulsory to check in at the golf store
  • When access the Golf store all players are required to use masks according to the authority’s recommendation
  • There is a limit of 4 players inside the Golf store, always respecting the rules of social distance
  • Regarding payments at the local, we recommend automatic payments with credit cards, instead of money


  • Bathrooms access doors are always opened sanitized regularly
  • Trolleys and buggies are available for renting, and properly cleaned aer each use. Buggies should only be shared in case players share the same residence
  • Players should go to the field properly equipped
  • Tee times with 4 players, with 8 minutes in between
  • The driving range is opened: social distance rules are required, and according to occupancy, the Club has the right to limit the players practice time
  • Social distance will be monitored by a staff member. The non-compliance of this requirement, gives to the Club the right to ask players to leave the field
  • Tee times are controlled by a staff member to guarantee the 10 minutes in between tees are respected
  • Social distance will be monitored during the game, in particular at the teeing ground and greens
  • Every time a hole is finished, players should wait for the next tee to be released to move forward
  • Players can wash and disinfect their hands in the bathroom
  • In case a player feels any symptoms or has questions regarding the COVID-19, the Club is always available to help