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Sintra (17kms distance)

Top Attractions in Sintra:

There is no place in Portugal as the beautiful village of Sintra. Even if you look in all Europe or anywhere in the world, it is difficult to find a place so special and with so much magic.

All this magic we can find through the first name given for the land of Sintra. The original name came from a temple built in 308 B.C. by the Greeks, Celts and Túrdulos-Gall, dedicated to the Moon. The Celts called the region as Cynthia and when the Arabs dominated the region, and not knowing how to pronounce the "s", they started to call the region as "Chintra" or "Zintira".
Made famous by poets, artists and thinkers that were enchanted with this land and that had moved for there, Sintra combines its natural beauty with the ancient monuments that live in this land and makes everyone who goes there to live romantic dreams.

This idea of the romantic made artists of the time build architectural dreams based on a new form of art, the romantic.

A good example of romantic art in Sintra is the Pena National Palace where he can also find a great mix between the exotic style and the eco medieval style. Combining with the beautiful architecture, the natural landscape, that involves the entire space, involves itself in a unique area that consists in thousands of trees collected in the four corners of the world. This phenomenon can also be found in the Park of Montserrat.

However, Sintra simply doesn’t present only one or two places of obvious importance. Its palaces and parks, the houses with their gardens and forests, their chalets that are wrapped in an exuberant vegetation, their convents, their walls, their churches, their archaeological remains, their traditional food, everything take us back to our remote roots and makes us become fascinated with the amount of history and legends that we can find there.

For all its history, culture and nature, UNESCO classified Sintra as World Heritage during the 19th Session of the Committee of UNESCO, held in Berlin on December 6, 1995.

The Pena Park and Palace, Queluz Palace and Quinta da Regaleira are some fantastic examples of what turned Sintra into World Heritage.

The Sintra village, Praia Grande and Praia das Maçãs have numerous bars, inviting you to an evening of fun.

Visit the website of Sintra City Hall