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Dreaming is what moves us forward

More than a signature, and beyond the landscape, the dream became the inspiration. Designed out there, in the contours that Nature creates without modesty or artifice: the encounter of the sea with Serra de Sintra, in the free and abstract forms, and in the elements that we keep so well in our memory, such as valleys, pine trees, and other native flora.

With the color variations, I wanted to translate the different ways of looking at a landscape that reinvents itself, season by season, in an uninterrupted and mesmerizing way: in spring, focused on the landscape, green turns out to be more prevalent, bringing everything in full harmony with that tone. Whereas the shapes and textures of the sea, together with the different shades of blue in the water, almost make us feel submerged in a much desired summer.

The burgundy tones arrive with autumn and are so cozy that they transform the landscape as much as our desire - they lead us to seek the comfort of a book or a glass of wine.

Read from left to right, the elements of the drawings begin to dilute, like a dream that arises and then, quickly fade away. Some of these move from floor to floor, to take the first step in the dance of the imagination of those who interpret them. Arts power is actually this: the freedom to stop, look and create, each one, their own storyline.

A story is also told by the carpet in the hotel corridors. In a fusion between land and water, it makes us lose ourselves in its fluid forms, without ever failing to tell us where we are: the colors correspond to each floor and each panel in the rooms.
A common element in the hallways is the orange ball which, although it seems to be lost, accompanies those who travel through them. The mystery it offers us, inherent of Serra de Sintra, is almost a game that one can easily take as a souvenir. Especially because, in fact, it is the great link between the interior and the exterior. After all, who knows if that orange ball won't be out there, somewhere in the middle of nature or, why not, in a dream?
Arriving at Onyria Quinta da Marinha Hotel is nothing less than all this: an invitation to discover - and to dream more.
Angela Ferreira/Kruella dEnfer