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Navigating through the hallways that merge in perfection with the big central flower beds in the hallways we then reach the rooms that surprise us now with contemporary lines and with furniture that highlights the fluidity, lightness and, above all, guest comfort. The integration of natural elements such as wood panels are a constant theme of the room rest area and also the bathroom while always keeping the nature connection. Because the dream is a constant, the proposed panel for the rooms, by the artist Kruella D Enfer, recreates the “dream” with the Hotel’s surrounding landscape elements.
This is the highlighted feature in the rooms which offers a second window with a view to this world of illusion of the artist giving it a unique identity. The veranda is an integrated area of the room which brings again the wood theme on the pavement and on the furniture enabling a relaxed environment to contemplate the scenery or read a book.

Satellite TV

Mini Bar


Double glazing

Air conditioning

Central heating


Telephone (room + WC)

Bathroom with hair dryer

Balcony / terrace

Facilities for people with special needs

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Standard Suite

Standard Suites are located in the hotel’s privileged areas benefiting from the best views and verandas. The impact caused by the landscape framed in the big windows defines in a spontaneous way the dominant color pallets. A padded headboard was designed in a way that elongates and highlights the bed in order to offer more comfort and nobility. In the living area of this suite some armchairs and sofas were placed offering the essential for a light meal in room service.

Signature Suite

Signature Suites, on the last floor, stand out by their generous areas of the sleeping quarters, the living area, bathrooms and terraces as well as for also being in the privileged areas benefiting from the best views and verandas of the hotel, above the pine tree tops. The furniture design provides an exclusive atmosphere. The contrast of the light with the slatted that hides the integrated doors and cabinets leads to detail and comfort to a constant surprise. The living area of the room is now located by the window so that one can enjoy, in a relaxing moment, the wonderful view.