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Golf Tips

Bunker instruction
When playing Quinta da Marinha, you will find a lot of strategically placed bunkers, particularly greenside bunkers. I would like to give few tips to successfully play these shots if you are unfortunate enough to land in one.

  1. Typically we need to aim left of our target and grip the club with an open clubface. The idea is to use the entire bounce or sole of the club.
  2. We should dig our feet in the ground so we have a good foundation to swing, as well by doing this we can feel the texture of the sand.

Swing Technique
  1. Differently from other shots in golf we don’t hit the ball first we hit the sand and the sand explodes the ball out. Therefore we must dare to swing through to a more normal end position,I see many golfers hitting at the sand and stopping. DARE to throw the sand on the green!
  2. As earlier stated, we must use the bounce of the club and not dig in, therefore attempt to keep your club open all the way to the finish position.
  3. Feel the shot, we dont need to chop at it like an axe, make a smooth swing to your end position.
After playing, dont forget to rake all your footprints.
Good luck enjoy your game on our golf course, my best tip of course is to avoid the bunkers in the first place.