8 tips for the perfect selfie



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8 tips for the perfect selfie

In Cascais, in Lisbon coast and in our Resort you will find the perfect background to take a Selfie.

Probably you are not a professional photographer, and we don’t want you to look bad, find bellow, 8 tips for the perfect selfie!

1. #Light please!
Good lighting makes skin more beautiful. Give priority to natural light.

2. #A good filter
Like it ou not a good filter makes any photo more beautiful and attractive.

3. #Be Careful with unexpected persons behind you

4. #NO_duck_face
We know it´s been successful before, those days are gone...

5. #Beware with Wind
You can throw it all away!

6. #A clean background for the photo
No use being wonderful if the main attraction of the picture is not you.

7. #Are you sure that you want put the selfie online that late?
Think about it ;-)

8. #Make sure everyone is ready

Good Selfies!